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Martin Kelley was born March 23rd 1972 in Cincinnati, Ohio to Robert and Emma Kelley. By the age of twelve he was playing piano by ear and began playing saxophone the following year. By the age of sixteen he was performing professionally with several local groups and studying piano at The Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. In the fall of 1991 he continued his studies in music at both Central State University in Wilberforce Ohio and at The University of Cincinnati. By 2000, he had earned a bachealors degree in Music Education and a Masters in Music Performance from Purchase College Conservatory.


As of late, I’ve been using the Vandoren ZZ size 3 reeds and they are splendid. They last forever and maintain a full robust sound throughout the range of the saxophone and actually allows for great flexibility between the registers. … Continue reading

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I just read the results of a music survey and boy are people challenged?  When asked, do you like Jazz, too many people responded in the same manner. They frequently spewed, that they do not like Jazz because it does … Continue reading

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Get real!

WHy should I book my band at your place and have to invite a huge crowd just to get paid. The way I see it is, if I play music (musician) I get paid regardless, if I promote your establishment … Continue reading

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Jazz is….

Why is Jazz music not as popular as other styles of American music… considering it was the first????

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