As of late, I’ve been using the Vandoren ZZ size 3 reeds and they are splendid. They last forever and maintain a full robust sound throughout the range of the saxophone and actually allows for great flexibility between the registers. In addition my clarinet 16 clarinet students and I have explored the wonderful world of sonic color and tone through the use of the Vandoren B45 and soon my 12 saxophone students will be experimenting with the v16 mouthpieces as well as the Rico Royal B7. Looking forward to this.

Please leave a comment on any other suggestions you might have toward mouthpieces and how to get a good blend from a saxophone or clarinet section regardless of the genre.

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I just read the results of a music survey and boy are people challenged? 

When asked, do you like Jazz, too many people responded in the same manner. They frequently spewed, that they do not like Jazz because it does not have words. SHALLOW! Meditation has no words either. In other words, if you are not being spoken to directly, the message is lost?


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Get real!

WHy should I book my band at your place and have to invite a huge crowd just to get paid. The way I see it is, if I play music (musician) I get paid regardless, if I promote your establishment (promoter) I get paid for that as well.
Somehow scammers and criminals have replaced real businessmen in this country and this has been occurring over the past 12 years or so.
They all want a hand out but can’t give you a hand!!
Share with me!

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Jazz is….

Why is Jazz music not as popular as other styles of American music… considering it was the first????

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